5 Tips for Teachers: Teaching your first Yoga class


5 Tips for Teachers: Teaching your first Yoga class


Okay so you just completed your yoga alliance certification and now you are about to go in front of your peers and try to remember everything you planned… Stop right there. Take a moment and just breath, nice slow cool breaths. It may feel a bit scary at first but with time teaching will become so natural.


  1. Before anything just flow. Start to listen to your body and find what feels good. Start small and build up to where you want, then ease the body into a relaxation, meditation, Savasana (the most important asana).
  2. Once you start to feel good about your flow start to really pay close attention to what is required of your body in order to get into each asana. The more detailed the less heads you will get looking up at you trying to figure out what it is you are asking of them (ouch neck pain).
  3. Try to write out your entire flow with out doing it, just to test your memory. Once you have practiced it, said it, and wrote it down you have now created three different departments for your memory to check back with.
  4. Find your music, not just what you want to listen to but how it makes you feel while connecting with the movement. Here are a few options of some yoga play lists I use:




Feel free to follow and use as your own!

  1. Bring your notes! Be careful not to let your ego get in the way of your gift. You are there to guide others through a moving meditation, and if you are not able to flow how can they? Find those moments where everyone is folding forward whether in down dog or a forward fold to sneak a peak. If you feel like you don’t know what is next bring them into child’s pose and connect back with your breath.


Now that you have an idea of where to start just go with it. Yes your first might be a little uncomfortable. Yes you might forget things but you are only human and every yoga teacher has once been in your shoes, now it’s your time to take the first step.


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