Raise Your Vibration


Raise Your Vibration

Every day I am challenging myself to do better and be better. I am always trying to grow my consciousness higher and higher but damn I still have those days where I have to remind myself I am having a human experience.

I maybe a ‘yogi’ but sometimes I get irritated, I maybe conscious but sometimes I am not present. The key in my opinion is forgiveness, it is so much easier to forgive another than it is to forgive ourselves, and usually this is done unknowingly. We don’t even realize we are holding onto these things when in reality they are playing over and over in our heads like a broken record.

When irritation is arriving this is a red flag that, presents is fleeting, this is a good time to give yourself a break. Find some thing that is a positive release for you and your built up emotions for me this is yoga, or dancing, or just laughing at the whole situation that is getting me down.

The first step is noticing what it is you are holding onto. Maybe you don’t have the best eating habits, in stead constantly wondering why your sick all the time and have no energy why not take the actions necessary to fix that problem by starting with a vegan diet…

The vegan diet may sound extreme to some but the idea of eating another’s flesh and blood sounds extreme to me! With every bit of meat you are putting into your body you are also receiving all the energy that comes with it. When that animal was slaughtered they would have felt a lot of fear and pain, all of that negative energy then enters your body as you bite into that juicy steak then resulting in feeling sick and lowers your vibration or your mood.

As humans our task it to constantly raise our vibrations and by eating these animals yes you may be getting protein and some necessary vitamins but you are also getting all the damaging bits such as, saturated fats, carcinogens, and Heme iron (the type of iron found in meat, that may produce compounds that can damage cells, leading to cancer). Where as with veggies you can get all the same nutrients needed with out any of the negatives you just have to eat a little more. As you eat fruits, nuts, seed, and vegetables you are raising your vibration giving yourself more energy and healing your body.

Connecting your body mind and spirit is essential, a lot of us have two of the three but there seems to be something lacking. Maybe our mind is still and our spirit is strong but we are not active and the body feels neglected, or we are very active yet our mind is on over drive, you get the idea. By digging down deep and looking at who we are as people and paying close attention to our actions we can find those little problems and yes, we are only human but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the best possible human version of our selves does it?

I like the phrase “if I’m not growing, I’m not going” it has become a sort of mantra for me to repeat in my head whether its with the people I am around, the food I am eating, the music I am listening to, all of these have the opportunity to raise our vibration or bring it down.

Which way are you growing? Which way are you inspiring others to grow? Together we can be supportive, loving, empower, and reach the enlightenment we all seek.