Spiritual Growth


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a lot like learning to walk. You will get up take a couple steps forward then fall back, try and again and stumble, get up again then find your self making the same mistake tripping up.


Realize that that’s OKAY. You will make mistakes, you will try to fly and fall, the true test is how you react to these mishaps. Do you get angry and loose your cool? Okay, it happens are you able to swallow your pride and apologize, are you able to admit you were wrong, or to admit treated someone badly?


Life is constantly throwing obstacles at us whether it’s a frustrating small situation or something that seems you won’t be able to conquer the next chapter, however there will never be anything you cant beat. Life, God, the universe what ever you want to call it will always give you what is necessary for the evolution of your consciousness never any more or less. It is going to be a challenge but so is anything worth having!


Have you ever thought about why you are where you are or why the people who are around you are there? You could be learning these valuable lessons in order to help your brothers and sisters around you through their trials. In order to give good advice you will have to be able to relate to many different people on multiple levels.


Spiritual growth is not always fun, there will be a lot of growing pains along the way. If you would rather sit back and complain about how hard it is, how can you learn anything new? Try in stead to flip your situation, take breaks, and make sure you are taking time to show your self the love you deserve and desire. If you are not able to love yourself how can you love another? Self-love takes time and patience just as when you are building any relationship.


As soon as things begin to seem overwhelming take a step back and just breath. Remember you are here to change the world (yes you), You are here to spread love awareness, and to expand your consciousness. Allow yourself to make these mistakes but LEARN from them find new ways to handle “difficult” situations, connect back with the breath and you will think more clearly.