Conscious Breath is the Gateway to Mediation

There are so many times where life begins to seem like it’s all just too much. We forget who we are where we are going and get too caught up in doing and going. It is time for us to reconnect back with who we are and want to be.

Over the past weekend I found myself in Sedona, Arizona hiking through a magical world there were so many beautiful sites to see but it came at a cost. At times I felt there was no way I would make it to the top and my head was spinning but as soon as I connected back with my breath I allowed my mind to be still and I could continue on. This is a great explanation for day-to-day life; as soon as we allow our thoughts to take over we begin to feel defeated. We forget that we are not our mind that our thoughts are just another part our body not who we are.

Your brain is an organ just like the heart and lungs it serves its’ purpose; survival. Get to the next day, get your next meal, and find your mate to reproduce, but there are so much more to this life than just that. When we allow our mind to tell us “I can’t do this” then that is exactly as the situation will go. Our bodies are so much more powerful than we give them credit for we can do some really beautiful things so long as we don’t allow the mind to take over. When we silence our thought and become observers of a situation rather than in a place of judgment we can do more with love and compassion. Sedona Yoga Savvy

Any time you are coming from a place of fear you are only bringing yourself down in order to manifest your desires your whole body must be filled with love and positive vibrations. That is when the universe truly listens.

Just like me on while I was hiking I becoming increasingly more and more tired it was usually because I wasn’t living in the now, enjoying the present moment, I was worrying about how I will make it to the top, whether I have enough water or energy, when in reality all that those thoughts are doing is using more energy. So I would stop myself and try to notice my gorgeous surroundings and how far I had already come then focus on my breath.

Sedona Yoga SavvyBreath is the life force if we cannot breath we cannot live. This is a simple fact, and when you think of if the slower you can breath the longer life you will be able to live, when you slow down your breath you are slowing down your heart and mind, the breath is all you are able to focus on. Conscious breath is the gateway to mediation. The more conscious you can be of the breath an inner body the more you will be able to focus in on that inner stillness and receive the esoteric knowledge from the higher self, the self that is of no ego and of love alone.


Sat Nam Wahe Guru