5 Steps of Success: Getting into the Groove

Finding inspiration in day-to-day life can be extremely challenging.

Even when you are working towards a goal that you are passionate about some how the fire within seems to dwindle why is that?

We love to have things here and now and we don’t like to wait we prefer quick and easy. Why do we live in a world where if you are not constantly entertained or excited we begin to loose interest? How do we stay on track achieve goals and reach our own versions of success?Success Cat | Yoga Savvy

From my experience it is all about getting into the groove, we all know what that feels like, you seem to be able to get everything you need done, and still have time to do more. The trick is finding out what that is.

I believe that in order to be successful is what ever it is you are doing you have to:

  1. Start by getting up early and getting straight to work. I am in no way saying wake up early and go to your job I am talking about working for you’re passion. If you have a hard time in the mornings and need a little motivation try going on a SHORT but quick run around your block (its better than coffee) you don’t need to run for long but having the fresh air in your lunges and getting your muscles working makes for a great start of the day. For me that is the Yogi life style, practicing asana, studying past yogis work, and living cruelty free in my diet and actions, with people around me and in my self-talk.

  2. Self-Talk It is so crucial to be mindful of our thoughts that creep into our heads that tell us we are not good enough… we have to be our own cheer leader. This doesn’t mean you have to lie to yourself either but always keep pressing forward with a positive and realistic mindset.

  3. Goals & Gratitude they don’t all have to be big even just little things to work towards for example every day I have a goal to get to 12pm without one complaint, but instead finding gratitude is every situation affirming all the beauty surrounding my life making that my center.

  4. Organize not only trying to stay tidy but mentally organizing our thoughts is important too every few months my husband and I sit down with a pad of paper and pens and we go over where we are at financially, we talk about our schedules to get to know where the other is at, to plan around an we plan for what is to come. This not only important for things to run smoothly but for mental clarity, so we don’t let things pile up in the backs of our minds.

  5. Meditate after working all the time it is detrimental to ourhealth to take time to release and let go. Every time I sit down even if it’s only for 5 minutes to meditate I finish not only feeling relieved but refreshed. It is the best cure for most things in life including stress and head aches. If you think you don’t know how to meditate you are wrong every night your body goes into a deep meditation when you sleep. Try sitting somewhere quiet make sure you are sat up straight so that you don’t fall asleep, set an alarm on your phone of 5-20 min and keep your eyes closed the entire time. JuSuccess | Yoga Savvyst focus on your breathe, for more info check out my article on Meditation.

This is what works best for me and maybe your groove will be a little different, but if you don’t try something you will never find out what that is. Go at your own pace take time in everyday moments just to stop and listen to your breath, while observing your surroundings. Try to look at things without creating a mental story in your mind but staying fully present. When we can take in all the beautiful blessings we have around us we begin to work from the heart rather than the mind. We are able to be what we want by working from a place of love rather than fear and pressure.

Find your passion and make it your priority.

Love and light,