Yoga to Make You Feel Good

There are many difficulties living in this 3rd dimensional world. Our foods are modified, the air is coated in chemicals we don’t want, and doctors are giving us medicine that actually makes us more sick than before; we are living in a time were even if we are doing everything we can there will be times we just aren’t feeling our best.

Yoga is my ultimate cure to making you feel good. You might be thinking and yes your right maybe it cant fix all of your problems that you don’t feel good about but lets focus on the positive here are 6 different ways to use yoga to make you feel good:

  1. Depression and Loss: Yoga has the power to make you feel better
    and more energized because it increases the oxygen flow to Yoga to Make You Feel Good | Yoga Savvyyour brain and cells as well as enhancing the body’s own power of detoxification making it easier for you to rid your self of harmful toxins that could be weighing you down and in stead leaving you with the yoga high.

  2. Nausea: part of yoga is the practice of breath work called pranayama, you could be traveling and start to feel sick but before pulling over try long deep breathing by elongating every breath and
    holding in between every inhale and exhale while expanding the rib cage and you will start to feel the tummy settle. You could you the pranayama exercise called 4, 7, 8 breath; inhale for 4 seconds…hold for 7 seconds…and exhale for 8 seconds..

  3. Digestion: A lot of what we eat can have so many affects on the body, if your large intestine isn’t happy I can pretty much grantee that you won’t be either. Many of the popular foods (especially anything
    with animal products and processed food) today are really hard on the body to pass through. You can use the following asanas to help smooth out the digestion process; Pavanamuktasana aka ‘wind Pavanamuktasana wind releasing pose - Yoga to Make You Feel Good | Yoga Savvyreleasing pose’ lay down on your back and hug the right knee in towards your chest while trying to keep the left leg flat on the floor and begin to rotate the knee in a circular motion from side to side then when you are ready hug the knee back into center extend the right hand straight out to the side and bring the knee across your body towards the left and gaze towards your right and repeat on the other side by pulling the left knee in towards your chest and extending the right leg down
    toward the earth….

  4. Meditation: The ultimate goal of yoga is to tire the body and release built up tension so that when you have completed your practice the mind is clear and ready for Savasana (corpse pose). Yoga teaches us to connect back with our breath whether in an intense vinyasa flow where we have to slow the breath down to push through the practice or during a relaxing flow which our attention is constantly bring brought back to our breath to keep the mind still, yoga is a moving meditation.

  5. Libido: Not only does yoga make you more flexible with every forward fold which we all know is helpful for mixing things up 😉 but there have been many studies shown that yoga actually increases the libido in both men and women. According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine In the study, researchers looked at 41 women between the ages of 30 and 60 who had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome each woman was assigned to either a control group or an experimental group that went through a 12-week yoga program. At the end of the 12 weeks, the women Yoga to Make You Feel Good | Yoga Savvywho did yoga experienced more signs of arousal, including more lubrication, than the women who had been placed in the control group. “High blood pressure and high blood sugar, both symptoms of metabolic syndrome, can interfere with circulation, which means that blood flow is compromised to all organs, including pelvic organs,” says Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Natural Sex Boosters, who was not involved with the study. “A yoga program can help increase blood flow.” But that’s not just for metabolic patients—the additional below-the-belt blood-flow can also enhance the arousal of healthy women, says Sahelian. “Yoga has been shown in other studies to improve sexual function,” says Timothy McCall, M.D., author of Yoga as Medicine, who was also not affiliated with the study). “Lowered stress and increased relaxation may also be mechanisms contributing to the boost. Ready to hit the mat?

  6. Posture and Self Confidence: Yoga is all about aligning the spine, the more balanced you can be in the body the better you are going to feel. We live in a world where using a computer or driving a car are pretty much necessary and simple activities such as these can reallyYoga to Make You Feel Good | Yoga Savvy mess with our posture. In yoga you are always asked to engage the core which strengthens the abdominal muscles making it so your spine is much more supported rather than only relying on the bones, a lot of the time it might not have anything to do with our physical activity but the way we are feeling on the inside can also cause us to concave our chests and hunch forward maybe when we feel embarrassed or shy or feel the need to hide away. However, when our practice is regular and strong we are able to stand tall and build up our self confidence. 🙂

The only thing I can’t seem to find is a reason why you wouldn’t be doing yoga! This isn’t just some fad that is going to come and go; yogis have been practicing longer than the many of us have even been on this earth. Maybe its time for you to experience why that is…

Yoga to Make You Feel Good | Yoga Savvy

Namaste beautiful yogis,



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