Divine Connective Knowledge

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi

We’ve all heard the quote but how can we fully live it? How can we give it more meaning to the life we live or create a lasting change within our selves and actually make waves?


Have you ever been in a coffee shop and its totally empty and next thing you know there is a line out the door? Its almost as if everyone tapped into this same idea at the exact same time, some may say this is a random coincidence however I see it as divine connective knowledge. Divine connective knowledge works like this, you have an idea and it is put out into the conscious atmosphere for others in the surrounding area to tap into.


Divine connective knowledge can be used as a positive and a negative so it is extremely important to stay alert and present on the thoughts that flow through you. If you are stuck in a negative mindset it will begin to consume your whole being, maybe you will feel sick all the time, or your skin is breaking out, or you snap at people easily, everyone is affected differently by negative energy.


Let me make something clear when I am saying ‘around you’ it’s no longer just around your person now that we have the Internet and social media you can affect those on the opposite side of the globe by a message, post, or picture. We have so much more strength than we realize and using it wisely is only pushing us to change the world in a way that is so desperately needed.


Positive divine connective knowledge is how we are able to create lasting change and uplift those around you. If you are not one that wishes to speak to others on the street or act in a positive way such as (but not limited to), complimenting someone, helping the homeless, or leaving a tip; you can create positive vibrations with your thoughts “if today isn’t a good day than I don’t know what is” and smile to your self!


Maybe your having a shit day and everything is just going not going in the way you hoped fake it till you make it cliché I know, but true. Slap a smile on your face, practice some laughter yoga (just start laughing), and watch the way your mood suddenly changes. More importantly allow your mood to change. Many times bad moods link up with our egos, we think its who we are and turn into pain bodies or inner demons (go with what ever sounds better for you, don’t get attached to the words) and then they just don’t want to let go. The mind makes these crazy stories that trick you into thinking “today is going to be a horrible day and everything sucks” the power of your thoughts is shocking. Not only is this negative energy coming into your being and ruining your day but you are also putting it out into the divine connective knowledge surrounding you, so if you cant make the shift into a positive way of thinking for yourself at least do it for everyone else.


You are a beautiful creature of this planet and you deserve to feel good, remind your self of these words and keep your thoughts at peace. Stretch your positive vibrations out to the world you live in and watch as the change you wish to see in the world appears.