How to Meditate

The truth is, you already know how to meditate, now you just have to take the time to do it.

Meditation is not so much about what you do to meditate, but how to be in order to meditate. We are so consumed with doing we always for get about being; such as, being happy, being grateful, being loved. 


Meditation is about being still internally and externally. Internally we do not let our thoughts consume us the best way we can do this is not to resist the thoughts entirely but allow the thoughts to come up as they will but don’t create a story around them so if for some reason your coworkers face pops up in your mind rather than begin to get annoyed, that they not only hassle you all day at work but now at home in your meditation, no instead just bring your attention back to your breath realize that you are not your thouHow to Meditate | Yoga Savvyghts but the awareness behind them, remember this.


So now you are sat down in a quiet place, make yourself comfortable and sit up straight you can do this on the floor or in a chair but by sitting up right this helps us to stay alert rather then drifting off into sleep (which is ok too).


Decide how long you would like to meditate for me depending on my day I usually will do 10-20 min at a time. Once you have decided set an alarm on your phone, this is so you are not temped to open your eyes to check how long it has been.


The alarm is set, you are sat comfortably now close your eyes. This is key throughout the entire time keep your eyes closed and if you can focus on the point between your eye browns this is where your pineal gland is located, the third eye that will be best. This is the chakra where we gain our intuition those feels where you just know something and don’t have a real explanation why you know it, that is intuition. This iHow to Meditate | Yoga Savvys where you can find your guidance if needed and not only that but gives you a focus point, if this makes you uncomfortable focus on the darkness behind the eyes.


You will notice that as some time goes on your mind will begin to play tricks on you, trying to escape the present moment but it is up to you to stay focused. I like using mantras to help me focus. A simple mantra you can use is Sat Nam, inhaling saying sat in my mind, then exhaling saying Nam in my mind; inhaling Sat, exhaling Nam.


Sat Nam is a Sanskrit word used mostly in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Sat translates to truth and Nam to name or identity and is very similar to Namaste (the light in me recognizes the light in you). It is as if you are bowing down to the most divine truth, and is like saying, “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you”.


This is not praising a god of any sort, but a way of bringing your mental thoughts to a state of awareness. You can use any mantra of your choosing even one you made up in English to help steady your thoughts.


After some time of chanting a mantra or using long deep breathing as your focus you will begin to feel more and more calm.


Now being to focus on the outer body, ask yourself, “Am I holding any tension in my body? Are my shoulders relaxed? Am I clenching my jaw or are the muscles in my face totally relaxed? Am I sitting up tall?”


And before you know it the timer will be going off bring you back to reality. If your alarm does go off and you feel you could meditate longer snooze and continue. When you are finished smile and fill your heart with gratitude and continue going about your day. J