Today is my birthday and I have noticed this same feeling every year. We start to create these expectations of what our special day might be and some how it never quite lives up to it. Well this year I am doing things a little differently I am going into this birthday with out any expectations, I have decided it doesn’t matter who shows up or how many people are there, what matters is that I enjoy my self, the key to enjoying anything starts with your attitude, the key is “I don’t mind what happens”.


Years ago someone told me “happiness is a choice” and this used to make my ego so angry I would instantly come back with some lame response along the lines of “what about if this happens to you and you cant control it…” but its true. It is totally up to us what type of reality we want to create if you go about every hard ship and see it as a lesson you can go into it with the mind set of growth. This instantly takes the pressure off, go into the experience as if you chose it because you did some how, your soul is craving you to learn and grow from it.


This isn’t just for birthdays either I have felt it for 4th of July, New Years, Valentines Day, and so on. A lot of this isn’t really our fault its imbedded into us by the media and companies that profit off these holidays that they have to be extra special. You should be having the best time of your life.


As well as social media, Facebook is another big trap for the ego on these types of days we see our friends out looking like they are having the best time of their lives when in reality they just spent 10 minutes making sure they had the perfect lighting, edited the photo, and Googled the best quote to line up with their amazing time. My husband likes to call it BRAG-BOOK, because that’s exactly what it is, a way to show the world “LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM”.


So how do we escape these egoic traps? We step away from the should and release control over our expectations. When needed we can also use the affirmation “I don’t mind what happens”.


This is an amazing statement, lets focus on the first half and key to success: I DON’T MIND as conscious individuals we know that the mind can be our worst enemy it tricks us into thinking lots of horrible things that aren’t even true. Have you ever been irritated with a friend/partner and had a whole argument in your head with them before you see them and you’re all hyped up when you do with your list ready of how they wronged you then when you do actually speak to them it turns out to be a big misunderstanding?


This is all because of the mind. We must escape the mind and work from our hearts. Ask our selves constantly “am I working from my heart or my head? Is what I am doing coming from a place of love (we) or of selfishness (me)”. This is the same for big events in our lives when we don’t mind we are able to experience the situation rather than judge whether it is good or bad.


When we let go of the mind we don’t need to label every situation we can simply experience, which is exactly what we are here in this human form for. What situations in your life do you need to escape the mind?