Working towards handstand has been an on going journey for me, so much of this pose can be a mental issue. If you are like me you have the strength, you know what to do, but something just stops you; either you have been kicking up to a wall or you aren’t sure how to fall (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it). Or you may not have the strength but always wanted to know how to get there…

Here are some exercises to start building the muscles necessary to kick up to hand stand feel free to pause the video and do more sets than qued in the video
Practicing these exercises daily together we can complete the journey to handstand together!

  1. L shape Holds for 5 breaths 3x
  2. L shape holds with one leg at a time for 5 breaths
  3. L shape pressing the very tip of your toes
  4. Table top engaging the core for 5 breaths 3x
  5. Plank with protracted shoulders pressing the floor away from you for 5 breaths 3x
  6. Forward Fold on the tips of your toes lift the hips up and press the floor away from you for 5 breaths 3x
  7. Try kicking up with one leg and float the other down as slow as possible

To go more in depth lets work together and scheduleĀ a private yoga session in the LA/OC area or via Skype CLICK HERE to book now šŸ™‚