Going vegan was a challenge and a half. There has been highs and lows and it all started with a self made 30 day challenge and some documentaries. Its not as scary as it seems, and anyone can do it even if you are only going vegan for a meal YOU can make a difference.

In this video I share about what is was like making the shift from meat eater straight to going vegan, how my family reacted, how to over come challenges and what made me do it in the first place.

Please don’t take me and my crystal crown too seriously (We like to joke) hope you enjoy this video and ifyou do please subscribe to my YouTube: www.Youtube.com/YogaSavvy

Music: Love More by D’rok the Menace Click HERE for more from him

Here are some of my favorite seasonings on amazon to add to any vegan dish that gives it a little extra flavor and adds protein, and B12 and other B vitamins: