Anxiety is not who you are but an emotion you are feeling do not allow yourself to get stuck in this mindset but when you do here are some tips to help make your way out and get back on track to feeling happy and stress free.

Before taking anti anxiety prescription pills remind yourself that these are natural emotions that you are able to handle naturally. Yes the pills like Xanax and Valium etc can stop anxiety but they will create more problems in the long run. After seeing a lot of people go through pain and suffering because of these prescriptions I felt it was my duty to help people learn how to remove anxiety and stress naturally. Fight the causes rather than the symptoms, and own your own personal power!
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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to askAny time anxiety and stress build up please check back with this video even if its just to listen to the crystal singing bowl which is tuned to the heart chakra and it should help you feel more at peace. If you are interested in skype or private yoga/meditation sessions please visit my CONTACT page.