Day 5 of No refined sugar no soy vegan challenge, lets make a smoothie together! Kettle Chips say they are organic and non GMO but technically maltodextrin is made from GMOs so are the non GMO official labels not actually legit?

Left over chilli for the win!! I have found that making bigger portions and eating left overs is a lot easier so I have been prepping on the days that don’t have too much going on and eating left overs on my busy days and when I don’t time just grabbing some fruit on the go

If you would like to use the medicinal mushrooms I use in my smoothies they are from a company called Four Sigmatic

They have free videos to teach you everything you need to know about mushrooms and their amazing healing benefits here is their site:

I have also seen them at Sprouts Grocery store the elixirs are perfect for smoothies but my favorites are the mushroom coffee with a little vanilla almond milk and maple (when I’m having sugar lol) and the reishi hot cocoa omggggg YUM

Here’s the link for essential oils peppermint, lavender, and lemon are a great place to start and build your collection from there doterra even has a little pack of those 3

you can purchase the oils straight off the site to you or you can join as a member for a discount on all oils send me an email if you have any questions or visit the CONTACT page <3