Dance-Yoga, Handstand Puppy Press


There is no better feeling for me than combining my love of dance and yoga. Dance is where my yoga practice started, this is where I found my expression of movement and built up my confidence.

There were many times I found myself on stage at dance competitions and with lights so bright I could barely see and an audience filled with people whom most I had never met before. Looking back this may have been my first experience with meditation… I had to train my mind to relax, focus, and slow my breath down so that I could get through the nerves but also have enough energy to make it through 2-4 minutes of choreography with out going completely blank (which I totally did a few times lol).

Yoga helped me accept myself where I am at, where as dance was very competitive. I was competing against other dance studios but also in a way my team mates, if one of us wasn’t performing as well as the other there was a chance you would get moved to the back and someone else would take your place or if you were exceptionally good at something you would have a solo part that showed off your talent. That was everything I strived for and even though it has given me so much from a great work ethic to confidence to stand in front of hundreds of people yoga helped me to balance this with self love as well as helped me heal some of the injuries I collected along the way.

My transition from Dance-Yoga has manifested the Savannah you know today and couldn’t be more proud. Now I may not always be on stage performing for an audience of strangers but I have a new platform with social media to express my creativity and talent with people from all around the world.
Lush Bra in Gravel by Alo Yoga

Shorts by Forever 21