Traveling from LA to Mysore Vlog Day 1


After getting my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India I couldn’t imagine doing my 300 any other way but in India again. I believe it is best to travel and commit your time to the practice rather than doing the course somewhere local where you can go go back to your normal life at the end of the day, here in India you are completely submersed into the practice the city it’s self is your guru you learn to live in the moment and find the inner state of peace through out your entire stay so that you may be prepared to carry out your practice when you return home.

I feel that it is my dharma to bridge the gap between the eastern and western way of practice. In the east yoga is very discipline the poses are set in stone and you must always push yourself to your own personal limit, it is a lifestyle, and something that is followed religiously. Where as in the west we believe that every body is different and every day is different. In the west many practice for the physical benefits alone.

Balance is key. Listen to your body know the difference between when your mind is telling you to relax and when it is your body asking to relax. There is the state of peace and stillness within you all you need to do is practice and all is coming.

This is my thought process as I travel back to India. When I first came to the east I was in a totally different mind set. I was definitely “woke” but Rishikesh introduced me to true spirituality, with so much time in meditation, pranayama, and asana it is impossible not to undergo a full transformation.

Traveling from LA to Mysore I come with what feels like a new set of eyes and understanding, honored and humbled to undergo this experience once more..

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